Water Heater Repair

Firstly, we only discover a problem with our water heater once we’re in the middle of a shower. Don’t let the frigid water surprise you. Water heaters require routine maintenance, much like other machinery. Kool Breeze Service’s knowledgeable professionals provide complete repair services for all of your water heater issues.

A malfunctioning high-temperature cut-off switch and a broken circuit breaker is frequently to blame for a shortage of hot water. Your device can have a fractured dip tube within the tank if it only provides lukewarm water. A malfunctioning thermostat and a damaged pressure release valve frequently causes scalding water. Disconnect the fuel and power to the appliance if you lower the thermostat and the water is too hot.

Even a minor leak in your water heater may do a great deal of harm. Leaks are frequently fixable without needing to replace your water heater. Finding the source of the leak is the first goal. In addition, cleaning up the spill is essential to prevent damage and mold; technicians can only solve this issue if the root of the problem is finally dealt with.

To locate the issue, our professionals can drain the water heater tank and conduct a comprehensive inspection. When feasible, they can make repairs and suggest alternatives like upgrading your old water heater with a more dependable one.

Moreover, we at Kool Breeze Service are aware of how upsetting it can be for a family not to have hot water. Furthermore, we’ll be pleased to help you assess your average hot water demand and choose a model that will effectively serve your complete household with the assistance of our polite advisers. Finally, call us immediately if you have questions and to set up an appointment if your water heater isn’t working correctly.



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